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 At All Lighting Inc., our attractive array of indoor and outdoor lighting is the solution you are searching for. Search our industrial lighting supplies for the products that will give you the output and light you need.

Please contact us for computer designed lighting layouts to solve your lighting design problems.

We are a full line wholesale lighting supplier of fixtures and controls plus a complete line of incandescent, fluorescent, halogen and HID lamps. A sampling of our product lines are listed below.

LONG LIFE LAMPS: Incandescent, Halogen, Low Volt, 2000 to 20,000 Hr.

CONVERSION LAMPS: HPS to Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor & Metal Halide to HPS, Self-Ballasted Mercury Vapor, Compact Fluorescent, Low Voltage Conversions.

SPECIALTY LAMPS: Aquarium, Germicidal, Gro-Lamps, Black Lights, Heat Lamps, Full Spectrum, Miniature & Sealed Beam, Photo Specialty, Projector, Decorative, Low Voltage, Sign Lamps, Shatter Proof, Actinic, Krypton, Appliance, Exit, Spectral, Etc.

FIXTURES: INDUSTRIAL-COMMERCIAL-RETAIL-ARCHITECTURAL-SPORTS: Incandescent, Low Voltage, Fluorescent, HID, Surface, Low Bay, High Bay, Cut-Off, Recessed, Wall Packs, Floods, Pole Top.

DECORATIVE FIXTURES: Fluorescent, Incandescent, HID, Wall & Ceiling, Foyer, Patio, Exterior & Poletop.

BALLAST: Fluorescent & HID Ballast Kits, Conversion Kits, Energy Saving & Electronic, Sign Ballast.

BATTERIES: 9V, Gel Lead & Alloy, Rechargeable, Monoblock, Exit & Emergency Lighting, etc.

LOUVERS & LENSES: Replacement & Retrofit, HID, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Tube Guards

TRACK & RECESSED LIGHTING: Line Volt, Low Volt, Fluorescent, HID, 24K Gold, Retrofit

WAREHOUSE & AISLE LIGHTING: Fluorescent, HID, Hi-Low Systems, Special application Fixtures, etc.

POLES: Decorative & Commercial- Aluminum, Steel, Iron, Fiberglass, Cement.

EXITS & EMERGENCY LIGHTS: Incandescent, Fluorescent, LED.

CEILING FANS & LIGHT KITS: 3 to 6 blade, multi-speed, remote, etc. INDUSTRIAL fans by Contech.

CONTROLS: Dimmers, Starters, Photo Cells, Motion Sensors, Timers, Transformers.

SPECIALTY LIGHTING: Task, Rope, Stair, Christmas Tree, Solar, Light Boxes (S.A.D.S), Custom Made.

SMOKE & CO2 DETECTORS: Battery and Line Voltage.

APPLICATION ENGINEERING & CONSULTING: Security, Retail, Industrial, Commercial, Computer/Office Environments, Facade, Parking Lots/Ramps, Etc., Layout & Design, EPACT.