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Lighting Retrofit

All Lighting Inc. offers energy-efficient lighting systems that lower your energy costs while improving your lighting quality. We offer free energy audits and lighting system recommendations to provide the ideal lighting solution for your facility.

Please review the following seven items and answer a few questions before you start your search for new lighting.  Preplanning will give your lighting professional the guidelines to design a system that’s just right for your company and get the new lighting in place faster. The sooner you start, the sooner you can improve productivity and energy savings.

1.)Project Goals

      The first question to ask when designing a new lighting system is what is the objective?

  • Are you looking at the retrofit project to improve light levels? 
  • Are you trying to save on energy costs? 

  • Are you looking for a more modern design?

2.)Tasks Involved

    • How is the facility used?

    • Are you dealing with a manufacturing space?

    • Are you setting up new offices, classrooms or storage areas?  

3.)Light Source

  • There is no one size fits all answer to energy efficient lighting.  Most indoor lighting re-design we do is a conversion to fluorescent lighting.  While energy efficiency is not limited to fluorescent lighting, the strides made in the quality of light provided by fluorescent in recent years, combined with a low price tag, has certainly made it the   leader in conversions.                                                                                          
4.)Color Rendering
  • The higher the color rendering index (CRI), the more vibrant and closer to natural light the objects will appear. A light source with a CRI of near 100 has the same rendering capabilities as daylight. The new fluorescent lamps have a CRI of at least 75. This is a great improvement over outdated T12 fluorescent systems, which generally have a CRI of 62.  It makes an amazing difference when replacing a High Pressure Sodium system that typically has a CRI of 22! Better lighting means a safer work environment and more worker productivity.

5.)Physical Factors

  • Ceiling heights, permanent racking and other building characteristics may play a major role in your ultimate choice in lighting layouts.

6.)Future Use of the Space

  • By informing your lighting professional of future planned uses of a particular area, they may be able to better suggest a flexible lighting system.

7.)Budget Considerations

  • When looking for a way to finance a new lighting system often times there are rebates or incentives available from local utilities.  Frequently, there are enough energy savings that lower electric costs will make up the cost of your new system in just a few years.  You may want to consider a leasing program. Talk to your accounting department regarding the viability of leasing.